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Investing in organic SEO is undoubtedly one of the most crucial digital marketing methods. Google is likely to be among the first search engines that your target audience uses to find your products/services. Work with our organic SEO experts to ensure that your company’s website can effectively compete in search results and steadily expand your online presence.

There are numerous organic SEO case studies available that highlight our team’s specialised knowledge and abilities. BeFound is a reputable, full-digital agency in the UK with a solid track record.


Whatever the sector, specialisation, or objectives of your company, contact our experts for a free SEO audit and analysis and a customised, no-obligation consultation.

We’ll provide you with a thorough analysis and breakdown of the most important SEO enhancement prospects for your website. We’ll also go over these with you over the phone so you can ask any concerns you may have regarding our business or procedures.

Do You Need Organic SEO?

Businesses should prioritise and invest in organic SEO services by agencies that specialise in SEO like BeFound for a number of important reasons.


With the help of expert organic SEO services, you can significantly improve not just the quantity but also the quality of visitors that come to your website. The clicks you receive from organic traffic are relevant and concentrated on your brand and product because they are centred around keywords associated with your business.


In order to help you draw in users who are more likely to interact, convert, and become paying customers, our organic SEO methods are concentrated on attracting targeted traffic at every stage of your company’s customer journey.


Organic SEO services have the potential to provide businesses with a substantial return on investment (ROI) in the form of website conversions and inquiries that much outweigh the initial cost when properly planned and carried out. When it comes to return on investment, organic SEO is frequently determined to be among the least expensive types of advertising.


Organic SEO produces long-lasting outcomes. Website traffic can surge under other forms of marketing, but it eventually levels off. Even though SEO may take some time to increase your exposure and land you on page one, the traffic, return on investment and outcomes you achieve will last for a very long time.


As the competition in every industry continues to rise, an increasing number of your rivals will be giving priority to their organic exposure. Investing in expert organic SEO services that propel your company to the top will give you a competitive edge and help you stay one step ahead.


Search engines work using ranking algorithms, and these are constantly being developed and updated to improve the quality and relevance of search results. Investing in organic SEO services means you can rely on specialists to adapt and ensure your website stays in line with these ever-changing requirements.

Why Work With BeFound and our Organic SEO Team?

Finding the best organic SEO provider is critical and can affect the online presence and return on investment of your company. Here are ten advantages for why our clients use our team of SEO experts for their organic search engine optimisation.

Our Approach To Organic SEO

SEO Evaluation

We meticulously assess your website to determine its current state before developing and implementing an organic SEO strategy. Our comprehensive audits of your content, technical aspects, and competitors lay the groundwork for a long-term, tailored organic SEO plan just for you.

To ensure that your website is optimised for success, the audits have been fine-tuned throughout the years and are always changing to align with changes to ranking algorithms. Through our preliminary organic SEO auditing procedures, we are able to spot opportunities and gaps, rank the severity of problems, and provide a foundation for the campaign’s success.

Research on Competitors

Both the structure and the amount of competition in the organic search results are dynamic and change all the time. Optimising your own website is critical, but knowing your primary competitors is also crucial. Additionally, your online competition might not always be the same as you think they are. We examine the competition’s keyword targeting and backlink profiles, among other things, in a comprehensive analysis that begins each organic SEO campaign.

Next, we may analyse the data to find out what your competitors are doing wrong, where your search results are lacking, and what techniques they are employing to rank well. This will help us shape your plan. Gaining a deeper understanding of your competition can greatly enhance your organic SEO strategy and lead to better outcomes.

A Study on Keywords

For an organic SEO campaign to be successful, it must begin with effective, analytical, and comprehensive keyword research. At the start of every campaign, we work with BeFound to do extensive keyword research. This will help us choose the best keywords to use across your website and keep an eye on using our tracking tools.

Our keyword research is customised to align with the specific objectives and products of your company. For instance, it doesn’t matter if you’re a small company aiming to attract customers in a certain region of the UK or a multinational conglomerate with sights set on expanding into other nations. This isn’t a one-and-done deal, even though we do some preliminary keyword research. Our organic SEO programmes include ongoing reviews of selected keywords, which are adjusted according to results, competition, and industry developments.

Customised Approach

When it comes to organic SEO, we don’t think in a cookie-cutter way. Although we have a broad plan and objectives, we also provide customised tactics according to your brand’s present position, key performance indicators, and the intensity of the competition. To make sure our plan is a winning formula, we learn about your team, company, industry, target demographic, and goals.

In addition, we don’t let our strategies sit around doing nothing; rather, we update and revise them often to account for things like changes in the company, changes in ranking algorithms, shifts in the industry, and more. Our organic SEO methods will remain successful in the long run if we keep them flexible.

development of content

With Google’s growing emphasis on helpful content and E-E-A-T, the content your company supplies on its website is likely the most crucial component of SEO. A group of content marketing experts at our organic SEO firm are masters in their fields.

In order to boost visibility and conversions, our teams create content that organically targets a variety of relevant keywords while simultaneously engaging and guiding your audience through your user journey. You may build your brand’s credibility and get natural backlinks by publishing authoritative, informative, and helpful content. Articles, landing pages, infographics, long-form guides or resources, and more are all within our scope of expertise, and we can assist our clients in creating them so that they meet the needs of their target audience and rank higher in search results.


Your on-page content and link acquisition efforts will be in vain if your website is not properly sound. Although technical SEO is often performed in the background, it is equally crucial to guarantee that search engines can access, crawl, and accurately index your website.

Your website will be examined and optimised by our technical SEO experts for several important factors, such as mobile friendliness, crawlability, indexability, security, and Core Web Vitals. We have extensive expertise assisting companies across many different industries in enhancing the technical aspects of their website. No matter if you are a multinational corporation in need of hreflang implementation, a major online retailer encountering issues with duplicate URLs, or a startup in need of assistance in getting your site indexed, we can help.

Purchasing Links

Our organic SEO services also include link acquisition, which is the process of systematically obtaining high-quality backlinks from authoritative and relevant websites. In order to achieve sustainable success in organic search, link acquisition is crucial. By analysing a website’s backlink profile, crawlers can determine your authority in the market and rank you based on the number of links pointing to your site.

Our digital public relations and link-building teams work tirelessly to get you inbound connections from authoritative websites in your field and sector. We use only ethical, high-quality link-building strategies, such as digital public relations, guest blogging, brand mentions, and more.

Monitoring and Documentation

It is essential to have complete transparency from your organic SEO service provider regarding the tasks performed, outcomes attained, and effects on your return on investment (ROI). So that you can constantly see the effect of our services, here at BeFound put a premium on monitoring and reporting on key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics that are pertinent to your company and objectives.

Our monthly reports cover all the bases, including the critical work done and planned, analysis of organic traffic, visibility of keywords, and most importantly, conversions completed. Whether your goal is to increase form inquiries, phone calls, online purchases, or any other statistic, we can suggest conversions to monitor or integrate with your current setup. Insights that are relevant to your company can be yours with our personalised reports.

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When you choose BeFound for organic SEO services, you’ll be collaborating with our team of experts who have decades of expertise and leading knowledge in the field.

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