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SEO Overview – Manchester

Organic search is one of the most economical strategies to boost sales. We can assist you in ranking on the first few pages of search engine results, regardless of how long your website has been live. Our SEO specialists have the technical know-how and abilities to raise your websites search engine ranking. Penalty Removal & Recovery, Technical SEO, Mobile SEO, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO/Link Building, Content Marketing, Local SEO Conversion Rate Optimisation, Reputation Management, and SEO are all included in SEO.


More leads are generated by SEO than by any other marketing campaign, according to 54% of B2B marketers.


72% of shoppers who used a local search engine went to a store that was within five miles.


80% of shopper click on organic listings, ignoring sponsored search results.


The close rate for SEO leads is 14.6%, but the close rate for outbound leads is 1.7%.

Why Does SEO Matter for Companies?

SEO helps search engines identify and display your website in search results, which increases the number of visits to your website. Additionally, it can help generate better conversions for websites for particular audiences, boosting. SEO is a useful and effective digital marketing strategy that helps organisations grow by drawing in more customers and creating measurable results.6

Establish confidence between your brand and prospective clients.

Increase your impact in your sector

Maximise the traffic to your website.
Boost the visibility of your brand.

Our Process

Research, Planning & Setup

Doing a thorough evaluation of your website and/or other marketing initiatives is the first step. Utilising resources like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, aHrefs, SEMrush, and ScreamingFrog, we delve deeply into your website’s architecture. One of the first things we do will be to enrol you up for Google Search Console or Google Analytics if you haven’t previously. In addition to analysing your website, we also spend time researching the strategies of your rivals in order to gain the upper hand.

Following a thorough technical, content, and user analysis of your existing website, as well as a competitor analysis, we start our keyword research. Using the keywords we want to target as a guide, we develop a plan for the content we should write. We enhance the existing content on your website while also looking for opportunities to improve your search engine rankings based on our analysis of your competitors’ websites.

We are able to create specific landing pages to ensure that your campaign gets off to a great start. They are thoroughly optimised for Google and the user, and they are designed to convert.

On-page Optimisation

We often start a campaign by identifying the “low hanging fruit,” which usually consists of improving internal link structures, meta descriptions, and titles. We usually get to work right away if there are any urgent problems with the user experience, such sluggish pages.

Content Creation

You will need to have excellent content as part of your inbound marketing plan. Infographics, blogs, and ebooks are a few possible formats for this. Once people visit your website, you have a brief window of opportunity to make an impression, therefore you need to establish yourself as an expert. A strong content marketing campaign can be built with the help of our content marketing experts.


We deliver clear, concise information to you at predetermined intervals. In keeping with our commitment to transparency, we steer clear of technical jargon. We want you to be able to see things clearly so that you can comprehend the effort we do to achieve the results and the results you are obtaining.

Our Services

On-Page SEO

Your website will be optimised by us, both externally and internally. Examining title tags, meta descriptions, and other elements is part of this service. We strictly employ “White-hat” onsite SEO techniques, which are compliant with Google’s guidelines or suggestions regarding online website promotion for companies.

What Does On-Page SEO Include?

  • Metadata
  • Keyword Placement
  • Keyword Density
  • Title Tags
  • Body Content
  • Page Loading Speed
  • Internal/External Linking

Off-Page SEO and Link Development

The key to your search engine rating is how visible your website is on the internet. One of the most crucial elements in Google’s ranking algorithm is backlinks. The greater the quantity of high-quality backlinks directing traffic to your website, the more favourably Google will rank it. The greatest value for your website will come from our outreach services, which attract backlinks from websites with a high domain authority.

What Does Off-Page SEO Include?

  • Content Creation
  • Outreach
  • Guest Blogging
  • Digital PR
  • Social Outreach

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is different from content-based SEO in that it basically lays the groundwork for keyword or phrase optimisation.

What Does Technical SEO Include?

  • XML Sitemaps
  • Navigation & URL structure
  • Domain & Servers
  • Website Load Speed

Local SEO

Increasing the amount of regionally relevant visitors to your website is possible with local SEO. No matter how long your company has been in operation, you can still get results as long as Google finds your website to be relevant and nearby to the user.

What Does Technical SEO Include?

  • Google Business Profile
  • On-page SEO
  • Mobile Optimisation
  • Citations & Reviews

Not just SEO, but every aspect of your organisation can have its share of proponents and detractors. The amount of money you have to spend truly determines this. Hiring an agency can save money compared to doing SEO in-house and the necessary staffing. You often hire a team of professionals to work on your account when you outsource your search engine optimisation to an agency. When it comes to different stages of the SEO development and implementation, an agency team can adjust its resources to suit your needs.

SEO is a continuous, long-term effort. It cannot be completed as a one-time project successfully.

It takes time for people to become familiar with your website as a “go to” source and for them to take action, such as making inquiries or purchases. But if you have a long-term plan, it can end up being less expensive than pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, which can be costly but yields results more quickly. Good SEO results take three to six months to materialise, though this is not always the case. The desired effects will take significantly longer to achieve if SEO effort is not maintained or is only sometimes maintained.

You may improve your online sales by raising brand recognition through SEO and social media. In most cases, it makes sense to combine the two approaches in order to expand your readership and connect with more individuals.

Your brand’s reputation and presence can be enhanced with the aid of social media. Therefore, if customers believe they know you from social media, they are more likely to suggest your company.

Social networking does not, however, directly affect your website’s rating the way SEO does.

The ranking of a website is not directly affected by social media. On the other hand, links shared on social media sites have the potential to drive more people to your website. Because social media makes it possible for your website and content to be seen by more people, you can utilise it to grow your consumer base.

People are more inclined to suggest and share your website with others if they have a positive social media experience on it.

There are a number of reasons why your website might not be ranking well on Google, such as unresolved technical problems that require attention.

The Google algorithm may penalise your website’s ranking if it believes it uses unethical or manipulative SEO techniques. Changes to the Google algorithm may also have a detrimental effect on some websites’ rankings.

Your ranking may also be being adversely affected by a subpar SEO approach, such as filling your content with irrelevant keywords or keyword stuffing.

User experience is also crucial because a bad user experience can drive away visitors from your website. According to estimates, 38% of visitors to websites quit if they don’t like the design or the information. It is crucial that you design your website with your audience’s aesthetic in mind.

Implementing an SEO strategy has numerous advantages for your company: (i) It can increase the level of confidence that any prospective clients or customers have in your brand. The major way to do this is to consistently publish excellent, pertinent material. (ii) Boost your industry authority and clout, which will help Google rank your website higher.

A company’s website traffic, inquiries, and income can all rise as a result of increased trust, authority, and influence.

Results from SEO often take three to six months to appear, although this isn’t always the case. It may depend on a number of things, such as the size of your website and the industry you operate in. We will use a variety of indicators from both your website and those of your competitors when we talk with you about your SEO goals. This will help us determine how long it will take to accomplish your goals and objectives.

Why Choose BeFound?

We are a warm, ROI-driven agency that centres all we do around your company’s values. We take great care in developing a quantifiable plan that will increase your revenue and strengthen your internet reputation. We make sure to use the most recent tactics to achieve the greatest outcomes for your company by closely observing Google’s algorithmic changes.