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With more than ten years of expertise in providing clients from a wide range of industries with SEO services and strategies, BeFound is a specialised SEO agency. Industry insiders have continuously chosen us as one of the best providers of SEO services.


Excellent content improves the user experience and ranks.
Search engines consider hundreds of ranking parameters when determining which webpages to display in the search results. However, content creation, linking, and technical optimisations are the three main categories under which SEO (search engine optimisation) practises are categorised.

Content is king when it comes to getting top rankings in search engine results. Complex algorithms power search engines, rewarding high-quality, user-friendly websites with favourable ranks.

This means that for a website to be effective online, it must include up-to-date, helpful content, along with frequent updates, blog entries, and links to and from other reliable online resources.

Obtaining the incorrect links for your website can harm its performance. One of the most important factors in ranking well for any particular search phrase is creating an amazing network of links.

A website also needs to have certain technological components in place. Our technical staff will examine the code that Google sees in more detail.


While search engine optimisation takes time, we think it’s important to keep our consumers informed at every stage of the process.

Each month, we send comprehensive statistics to each of our clients that cover everything from keyword rankings to traffic data to the specific devices that people have used to see your website.

You may see the most popular pages visitors visit and the paths they take on the website. Your dedicated account can also tell you what search terms users used to find your website and where they are located.


Here at BeFound, we don’t make crazy promises… We work on delivering you realistic results. Over the last 3 years we have helped our clients achieve over 700 number 1 rankings and over 5000 in positions on Google.

We haven’t won any awards. We haven’t entered any. Awards are great, but we feel our time is better spent on your project.

Our clients come first, not only do we build the rankings of your website but we also build relationships and connections.

Measure Your Visits

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